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16 Million American Workers Are Still Suffering From Long Covid

Much has been written about the impact long Covid is having on today’s workers, but its evasiveness has led to confusion about how to deal with it.   

According to a report from Brookings Metro, long Covid could be causing 1.6 million full-time workers to miss work, further exacerbating the ongoing labor shortage. In fact, the report estimates that long Covid made up 15% of the labor shortage in January of 2022. 

In June, Census Bureau incorporated new questions about long Covid to its Household Pulse Survey, allowing experts to gain a better understanding of just how much this illness is impacting professionals. 

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According to the findings, 16 million Americans are currently struggling with long Covid, while two to four million are out of work because of the disorder. As a result, lost wages have amounted to around $170 billion annually. 

Symptoms often include fatigue, anxiety, depression, stress, shortness of breath, impacted taste or smell, brain fog and more, all of which can impede a workers’ ability to properly perform their duties.  

Without the right strategies and understanding in place, the global economy is bound to suffer even further at the hands of long Covid. 

Unfortunately, the research remains limited on just how much this phenomenon is hindering the workforce. However, by addressing the common symptoms that appear with long Covid, employers can better support workers who may be struggling to return to their fully healthy selves. 

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