50 Leadership Quotes to Ignite Your Team

First Published: October 12, 2019

Leading a team is a privilege.

It is not easy. And has no immediate recipe for success.

But it’s the most fulfilling, life-changing and purpose driven gift you’ll ever have in your career.

There are so many ways to ignite your team and support their personal development.

But I find that sharing quotes with them on a regular basis boosts their confidence and at times, helps them cope with change and growing demands of the work.

Motivational quotes become wisdom tidbits that when messaged appropriately and sent in the right time can actually make a difference in their careers.

One of the most valuable career advice I’ve learned in the past is that inspiration to drive your team need not be grand all the time.

In fact, spurts of timely inspirational messages through leadership quotes or short personal messages can ignite the team especially in critical times.

It is part of leadership to be creative in motivating your team and bringing out the best in them.

And what better way to inspire your team but through the use of motivational quotes.

I’ve  compiled 50 Leadership Quotes that will ignite your team and that can also help you build a stronger team.

Stay Humble


As a team, we you will reach great heights together. Always stay grounded. This will help you have a grateful mindset and appreciation of your achievements. #leadershipquotes #teamquotes #quoteoftheday #dailyquotes

Believe in Yourself and You Will be Unstoppable


Believe that as a team, you are unstoppable. Believe you can and you’re halfway there. #leadershipquotes #teamquotes #quoteoftheday #dailyquotes

You are what you do and what you say you will do


Remember that you are part of a team and no matter what you and team says, it’s the actions of each and every member that will spell the difference. #leadershipquotes #teamquotes #quoteoftheday #dailyquotes

Leadership Quotes to Ignite Your Team


As a team, there will always be challenges and opportunities. It’s up to each team member  to rise above it or fail together. #leadershipquotes #teamquotes #quoteoftheday #dailyquotes

Difficult Roads often lead to Beautiful Destinations


Your journey as a team will be tested along the way. While there will be difficult times, know that it will lead to something wonderful. Have faith in your team. #leadershipquotes #teamquotes #quoteoftheday #dailyquotes

Self Discipline begins with the mastery of your thoughts


Your thoughts go a long way and as part of a team, it’s important that you bring your best self. Having a positive and committed mindset will go a long way in building a better team. #leadershipquotes #teamquotes #quoteoftheday #dailyquotes


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Forgive them even if they are not sorry


There will always be disagreements within the team. It’s part of having one and running one. Learn to forgive, move on and let go. Don’t hold grudges. This will help you build a stronger team. #leadershipquotes #teamquotes #quoteoftheday #dailyquotes

Stop Doubting yourself work hard and make it happen


As you build a stronger team, you will have moments where you feel like you are not meeting expectations and not doing enough. When this happens, stop yourself. Throw the doubts away and make it happen. #leadershipquotes #teamquotes #quoteoftheday #dailyquotes

Don't Judge Me by my past


As you join teams, always have an open mindset. Team members come from different backgrounds and past experiences. This is a good thing. You may have heard of their past through colleagues and the grapevine. Give them a chance, nonetheless. Just as much as they will give you a chance as well.  #leadershipquotes #teamquotes #quoteoftheday #dailyquotes

I Choose Kindness


Whatever you go through with your team, always choose kindness. Kindness in the approach, in words and in action. This will make your team stronger and will build a strong foundation of trust and support. #leadershipquotes #teamquotes #quoteoftheday #dailyquotes

Focus on Your Goal


There will be distractions that your team will go through and it’s best to shut them off and continue to look ahead. Stay focused on the goal. This is the best way to build stronger teams.#leadershipquotes #teamquotes #quoteoftheday #dailyquotes



Learn to use tact in any situation in the office especially with your team. It will build a culture of respect and open communication.  #leadershipquotes #teamquotes #quoteoftheday #dailyquotes


Building a team is not easy especially if you want to do it the right way. But know that the hard work will pay off in the future. Engage your team early on and it will build a great foundation of engagement, trust and performance.  #leadershipquotes #teamquotes #quoteoftheday #dailyquotes

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Leading a team is not a walk in the park. This is why some people result in being stuck in the same position for years and avoid any opportunity to lead people. Being able to lead a team is a privilege. #leadershipquotes #teamquotes #quoteoftheday #dailyquotes


Sometimes there will instances where your team will hurt. Let it happen. Don’t stop it. It is a natural progression. Stay strong and usher them to healing and letting go. You will be more appreciated in this journey as you go through it with a steadfast mindset. #leadershipquotes #teamquotes #quoteoftheday #dailyquotes


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Learn the difference on being supportive and catering. Your team needs to learn on their own to be successful. Be helpful but not to the point of burning yourself to cater to them. #leadershipquotes #teamquotes #quoteoftheday #dailyquotes


While timing is key to success, there is also no such thing as the “best” timing. There will always be risks and opportunities. Learn to balance it and be fearless as you make the jump. #leadershipquotes #teamquotes #quoteoftheday #dailyquotes


Everyday is a chance to get you closer to your goal. Make sure to make everyday count. Appreciate how far you have come in building a strong team. But know that everyday is a chance to make it even stronger. #leadershipquotes #teamdquotes #quoteoftheday #dailyquotes


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Your team starts with a clean slate and as you work together, norms will form and what you allow is crucial as it will become the norm over time. In leadership, you will need to be mindful of what you allow. You build the standards of the team and the foundation is based on daily decisions that you allow. #leadershipquotes #teamdquotes #quoteoftheday #dailyquotes #igniteyourteam


As a team, you will go through doubts and road blocks. Stay on course and JUST DO IT. If it works out then good. If it doesn’t then you learn as a team. It’s a Win-Win situation. #leadershipquotes #teamdquotes #quoteoftheday #dailyquotes #igniteyourteam

Team Engagement Facts:

“Companies with engaged employees see 233% greater customer loyalty and a 26% greater annual increase in revenue” – Aberdeen

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There is no such thing as a perfect team. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Learn and thrive together. #leadershipquotes #teamdquotes #quoteoftheday #dailyquotes #igniteyourteam


Each individual is crucial in every team. No matter how easy or complex the work, each person contributes to the goal. Be a team where everyone has a “can do” attitude. This is the foundation for success.  #leadershipquotes #teamdquotes #quoteoftheday #dailyquotes #igniteyourteam


As you work with teams, you will encounter other teams that  will do their best to bring you down. Be steadfast and stay calm. Their antics won’t last. Be resilient and focused on achieving your goals. #leadershipquotes #teamdquotes #quoteoftheday #dailyquotes #igniteyourteam

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As a team, decide to change the course to get to the goal. It doesn’t matter how many times you change the approach, the journey and even the team members. Build a team that gets you to the goal. #leadershipquotes #teamdquotes #quoteoftheday #dailyquotes #igniteyourteam


Teams try and fail together. If you stop trying as a team, then you fail as a team. Be a team that never stops trying. Trying new things, trying new solutions and trying new approaches. It will make you grow much better as a team. #leadershipquotes #teamdquotes #quoteoftheday #dailyquotes #igniteyourteam

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Smash all perceptions and make the impossible, possible. As a team, you can do so much more together. Everyone contributes to the team’s success and it’s not impossible to reach new heights together. #leadershipquotes #teamdquotes #quoteoftheday #dailyquotes #igniteyourteam


Begin with the end in mind. Do this as a team and each one of you will build the path towards the goal. Dream together and work together to achieve that dream. #leadershipquotes #teamdquotes #quoteoftheday #dailyquotes #igniteyourteam


Strength within the team doesn’t only mean physical. Oftentimes, it’s the mental health of each individual in the team that spells the difference. Have a strong winning mindset. This will fuel the team to greatness. #leadershipquotes #teamdquotes #quoteoftheday #dailyquotes #igniteyourteam


It doesn’t mean that the oldest ones in the team are the most mature. It has nothing to do with age. As a team, be more sensitive to your actions, manners and more importantly, how you react. This will spell out maturity more than age. #leadershipquotes #teamdquotes #quoteoftheday #dailyquotes #igniteyourteam


Failure within the team and as a team is normal. It’s when everyone does not try that is not. Don’t be afraid to try. It will always lead to something great. Maybe not immediately but eventually. #leadershipquotes #teamdquotes #quoteoftheday #dailyquotes #igniteyourteam


As a team, you will experience highs and lows. Learn to handle stressful situations much better. This will bring you closer as a team and stronger. It will make the highs more fulfilling and special. #leadershipquotes #teamdquotes #quoteoftheday #dailyquotes #igniteyourteam


As a team, your attitude towards challenges make a difference in driving solutions. If the team has a positive mindset in solving problems, the journey to find solutions will not be difficult. #leadershipquotes #teamdquotes #quoteoftheday #dailyquotes #igniteyourteam

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Greatness takes time. Do not rush your team to success. The journey may be long and hard but stay focused on the goal. Take it one day at a time as you hustle together. #leadershipquotes #teamdquotes #quoteoftheday #dailyquotes #igniteyourteam


Consistency is about discipline. It’s a conscious decision to do the same behavior over and over. Be a team that drives consistency on every initiative that you roll out. This is going to build a strong foundation of success for your team. #leadershipquotes #teamdquotes #quoteoftheday #dailyquotes #igniteyourteam


Some doors will open widely for your team and some won’t. It’s okay. Move on and keep going forward. Move on as a team and keep your eye on the prize. #leadershipquotes #teamdquotes #quoteoftheday #dailyquotes #igniteyourteam


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There will be situations that your team will hurt. While it may be hard, rise above the emotions and objectively try to understand the situation. Not only will this make your team stronger, but it will also help the team get past the hurt and move on together. #leadershipquotes #teamdquotes #quoteoftheday #dailyquotes #igniteyourteam


When your team is going through challenges, know that it is temporary. There will be relief and with it, success. Be patient and thrive together. #leadershipquotes #teamdquotes #quoteoftheday #dailyquotes #igniteyourteam


To build meaningful relationships with your team, make sure to prioritize frequent catch ups. If it really matters to you, then you will make time for it. Regular communication will build a strong foundation of trust and openness. #leadershipquotes #teamdquotes #quoteoftheday #dailyquotes #igniteyourteam


You know what they say… “Assume” means that you make an “Ass” of “U” and “Me”. It doesn’t hurt to ask. Go ahead and get educated about the situation before thinking about the worst. Give your team a chance and ask first before assuming. #leadershipquotes #teamdquotes #quoteoftheday #dailyquotes #igniteyourteam


Stressing about what “Should Be” can make a team resentful. Take things as is. Learn from the situation and move on. Dwelling on what “should be” is counterproductive and can oftentimes strain relationships within the team. #leadershipquotes #teamdquotes #quoteoftheday #dailyquotes #igniteyourteam

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Thinking about the worst scenario is part of planning and preparation. But overthinking to the point of anxiety and inaction is the worst experience for your team. Know that you can’t control EVERY SINGLE THING. So just let it be. #leadershipquotes #teamdquotes #quoteoftheday #dailyquotes #igniteyourteam


As the leader, your team will gravitate towards your happiness or frustration. Learn to carry the load with grace and confidence. Your team will get inspired and become stronger in the long run. #leadershipquotes #teamdquotes #quoteoftheday #dailyquotes #igniteyourteam

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Be a team with a purpose. It will elevate each of the team members and the days when it’s tough will not be as hard. This is the foundation to a team’s success. #leadershipquotes #teamdquotes #quoteoftheday #dailyquotes #igniteyourteam


Build a team that nurtures ideas and goes after it. Don’t get derailed because of gossips and events that don’t really matter. Think big as a team. This is the mindset that breaks barriers. #leadershipquotes #teamdquotes #quoteoftheday #dailyquotes #igniteyourteam


Taking risks as a team goes a long way than wondering of “what ifs”. Be bold and just do it. If you succeed, then you succeed together. If it doesn’t work out, then you learn as a team. #leadershipquotes #teamdquotes #quoteoftheday #dailyquotes #igniteyourteam


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Taking risks as a team goes a long way than wondering of “what ifs”. Be bold and just do it. If you succeed, then you succeed together. If it doesn’t work out, then you learn as a team. #leadershipquotes #teamdquotes #quoteoftheday #dailyquotes #igniteyourteam


Having a relentless attitude is not only important in any team but it also helps when one or more team members are losing faith and about to give up. While the team will have an ebb and flow of attitude, remember to be the one that says, “Try Me”. #leadershipquotes #teamdquotes #quoteoftheday #dailyquotes #igniteyourteam


Be good because being good is who you are. I have seen it where some people were only good to the folks who they can benefit from. Not only would this be a slippery slope in the long run, but you also cannot put up a face forever. Be genuine. It builds character necessary to build a successful team. #leadershipquotes #teamdquotes #quoteoftheday #dailyquotes #igniteyourteam


It never ends with Plan A. Be resilient and find solutions as a team. It will take the stress away and will make everyone feel accomplished. #leadershipquotes #teamdquotes #quoteoftheday #dailyquotes #igniteyourteam


A good team is hard to find. And even harder to build. When you’ve done the work and built a strong team, appreciate every single one. Even the ones that give you challenges. You won’t be able to appreciate the good days without having some bad ones. #leadershipquotes #teamdquotes #quoteoftheday #dailyquotes #igniteyourteam


Lead your team with respect and integrity. This is a reflection of your character and will go a long way especially in times when you exhibit grace and confidence with people who don’t deserve it. #leadershipquotes #teamdquotes #quoteoftheday #dailyquotes #igniteyourteam

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