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56% Of Workers Won’t Consider Working For A Company That Doesn’t Share Their Values

Companies that tout their paid time-off and on-site amenities are bound to set themselves apart in the war for talent, but there is one overlooked aspect of the workplace that can truly entice new workers. 

More and more, employees want to work for a company that shares their values. Culture, equity, and social impact are important for younger job seekers, who are eager to make a difference in the world.  

According to a survey from CNBC, 40% of workers said they would likely quit their job if their employer did not agree with their political stance. Even more, a Qualtrics survey showed that 56% of workers would not consider working for a company that didn’t share their values. 

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This indicates that employees want to be part of a culture that influences change. 

“The best companies are going to listen to many opinions,” said Paul Wolfe, a human resources advisor. “People want to feel seen and heard, even though the company may not completely agree with them all the time.” 

 Much of the modern workforce agrees that in order to be successful, prioritizing diversity and inclusion is key. Todd Sears, founder of advocacy group Out Leadership, says that without upholding these standards, companies cannot deliver shareholder value. 

“I think managers need to realize that it’s not about butts in seats and the number of calls somebody made during the day, or how many hours they were at their desk or, or live,” said Wolfe. “It is really about the body of work and setting clear goals and clear milestones.” 

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