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60% Of Remote-Capable Workers Prefer A Hybrid Model

Gallup’s recent remote working poll shows how many employees are actually working in a flexible model and what they expect from the future.  

Taking responses from a sample of nearly 8,100 remote-capable professionals, 56% of full-time employees say they have the capability to work remotely. 

Among these workers, half are working in a hybrid work model, three in ten are working remotely full-time and two in ten are working in-person full-time.  

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Additionally, the number of remote-capable employees working under a hybrid arrangement has grown from 42% in February to 49% in June. The survey predicts that this number is expected to grow to 55% by the end of 2022. 

This reflects the wants of these workers, with 60% stating they would prefer a hybrid work arrangement.   

On the other hand, fully remote models are expected to dwindle from three in ten employees in June to two in ten in the long term. Despite this decrease, remote work has still nearly tripled the levels seen in 2019.

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