Betting On You with Laurie Ruettimann

You’ve heard many of my guests, and I advise you to take control of your career. Laurie Ruettimann tells you how to in her latest book, “Betting On You: How to Put Yourself First and (Finally) Take Control of Your Career.”

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More about Laurie:

Laurie is a consultant and advisor to CEOs, CFOs, and CHROs who want to fix work. She speaks around the country on all things HR (Human Resources). She is also a podcaster and a writer.

Highlights from our conversation: 

😎COVID has exposed broken systems but shone a light on what was going on in the marketplace

😎We talk about how we can’t go back to the things that we wrong

😎People can live on less social and money.

😎Professionals will ask in an interview, “How did you treat people during the pandemic?”

😎Control your career by creating more choices: Time, attention, and attitude.

😎Laurie describes “professional detachment” as treating their job like a client.

😎Being scared doesn’t help to make the best decision. Take small steps rather than large ones.

😎”Practice in the small moments.”


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