Brilliant Interviewing Strategies From a World Class Career Expert

The little things could turn your interviewing skills around, no matter your professional level, including the C-Suite. Lisa Rangel is back on the show to discuss how to take your interviewing skills to the next level even if you’re interviewing remotely.

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More about Lisa:

She is the founder and Managing Partner of Chameleon Resumes.  Her blog is a Forbes top 100 website for your Career. She is also a 10-time Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW), former 13-year recruiter, and Job Search Expert.


Highlights from our conversation:

Lisa notices no set pattern to the hiring process as it’s “all over the place.”

Listen to the story she tells about a client going in for the 14th interview

Lisa has seen clients interview up to four times over 10 days.

We discussed the mind shift that needs to take place when interviewing remotely.

“…people go into interviews and they subliminally or consciously wait for somebody to lead the show and wait to see what they should be mimicking or what they should be mirroring back…”

We discussed the importance of making the interviewer feel comfortable in conversation mode, or as Lisa analogies it as, “…if someone came into your home…”

Offensive mindset (How to)

Explaining gaps questions gracefully Not everyone wants to go remote, and although all jobs are not remote, what does that say about the worker or candidate who is not willing?

Recruiters are hearing and accepting how employment is affected by the pandemic so it’s OK to “…latch on to that.”

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