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Education Is Key For The Modern Workforce According To Grow With Google’s Founder

Upskilling and reskilling have never been more important in today’s workforce.  

With the acceleration of new technologies that have become essential for business operations, workers need the expertise to work alongside these advancements — and this can be done through education according to Lisa Gevelber.   

Recently, the founder and head of Grow with Google sat down with Allwork.Space’s Future of Work Podcast to discuss how Google’s upskilling initiative is seeking to give professionals more opportunities for work — even if they don’t have a college degree.   

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“We know that Google had a lot to offer, so we created a bunch of programs that help people with digital skills. And one of the ones that I’m most excited about is our career certificate program,” said Gevelber.   

By introducing this on-demand program, Gevelber says that anyone “regardless of their educational background or prior work experience” can receive the proper education to help them advance their careers.  

Not only does that help companies find new talent for these in-demand positions, but it can also help close the gap between job availability and the number of workers able to fill in these openings that has impacted the current job market. 

Until now, there have been limited credential options outside of educational institutions that support workers from all backgrounds and experiences, but Grow with Google is out to remedy that.   

“[We] made a high quality industry recognized credential and we made it on-demand, which is important because most people don’t have the luxury of doing a bootcamp, sitting in a classroom all day, or even taking classes on a regular schedule,” said Gevelber. 


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