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Employee Engagement – Who's Sinking Your Boat? 2021

Welcome aboard! At long last, the remake of our viral hit, ‘Who’s Sinking Your Boat?’.
When we launched our original in 2013, Gallup claimed that approximately 7 out of 10 employees are disengaged. In spite of billions being spent on engagement initiatives, we have only managed minor gains. As in the original, this remake will define engagement and make a business case for engagement BUT will also provide a ‘call to action’ by introducing 8 key focus areas organizations need to focus on to keep employees ‘afloat’.
Produced and written by The Employee Engagement Group™
About Bob Kelleher
Bob Kelleher is an award-winning author, speaker, thought leader, and consultant, and travels the globe sharing his insights on employee engagement, leadership, and workforce trends. Bob is the author of 5 books: the best seller LOUDER THAN WORDS: 10 Practical Employee Engagement Steps… That Drive Results, CREATIVESHIP, A Novel for Evolving Leaders, EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT for Dummies, and his most recent, I-ENGAGE, Your Personal Engagement Roadmap. Bob is also the President and Founder of The Employee Engagement Group.
The Employee Engagement Group
We are Global leaders in Employee Engagement Surveys, Assessments (The Engagement Accelerator), Online Training Programs, Workshops, and The Engagement Toolbox (where you get to own our extensive library of content…forever).
In addition, our founder and engagement icon, Bob Kelleher is available to speak at your conference, and / to your leadership team and employees
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