Employment, COVID-19, Civil Rights and What’s Next

Phillis Rambsy of Rambsy Law comes on the show to discuss how the law may factor in remote work and COVID-19.

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More about Phillis:

Phillis is the founder and owner of RAMBSY LAW PC—a law firm based in Nashville, Tennessee and serves clients in Tennessee, Kentucky, and the Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia metropolitan areas.

Highlights from our conversation: 

  • Employers can lower your salary should you move to a smaller market. Long as the employer give you notice and cannot do it retro to cut your salary because you move to a smaller market.
  • We discussed whether or not Phillis thought it would be employer liability for someone catching a virus from work.
  • She does feel likely there will be cases of employees suing employers because of their knowledge of exposure.
  • Whether or not virus victims taking 6+ weeks to be considered as disability, possible shifts in-laws.
  • Phillis says if certain conditions are eligible for a reasonable request for protection in the workplace.
  • Although COVID affects Black and Brown communities at a higher rate, employers cannot ignore employment discrimination laws.
  • Phillis says you cannot ignore the race angle to the impact of the virus.

Look for one more episode to be published this month and one more December before my holiday hiatus.

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