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Financial Firms Holding Strong In Their In-Office Expectations

September marks the start of one of the busiest months for investment bankers as the year comes to a close and bankers look to close any gaps between now and the holidays. 

For major financial companies, this comes at a time when they are eager to bring workers back into the office.   

Although other industries have become more lenient with their in-office expectations, the likes of Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley are making major moves to usher employees into the office.   

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Despite demand for flexible work schedules emerging as a highly sought-after workplace perk, banking companies are more interested in getting back to business as usual. 

Historically, the financial industry has held weight in its in-person mentorships and collaboration. While working remotely or flexibly has done little (if anything) to hinder productivity, executives are clearing the path to make being in the office as easy as possible. 

Although companies are yet to require a full five-day office return, Goldman Sachs is now letting employees outside of New York come into the office regardless of their vaccination status, while Morgan Stanely has ended its mandated testing. 


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