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Fiverr And Selina Team Up To Combat Loneliness Among Anywhere Workers

Freelancer marketplace Fiverr has teamed up with hospitality firm Selina to help Anywhere Workers access new like-minded communities around the world. 

Through the new partnership, workers will be able to have access to events and meetups in order to alleviate feelings of loneliness that are prominent within this community. In fact, a Fiverr survey showed that 90% of Anywhere Workers often feel lonely. 

Additionally, Fiverr will be launching a Work from Anywhere contest, where ten winners will be given the opportunity to stay at the Selina location of their choice for up to four weeks.

“While being an Anywhere Worker has numerous benefits including having autonomy and flexibility over one’s worklife, it still has its challenges such as lack of community and a sense of belonging,” said Gali Arnon, Chief Marketing Officer at Fiverr.   

“We are thrilled to be partnering with a company like Selina who has the physical space around the globe to help us address this issue head on. Together, through a variety of different engagement mechanisms, it’s our goal to bring this Anywhere Worker community together to learn, to grow and to ultimately thrive.” 

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