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GLAAD Releases Corporate Allies Guide In Preparation For Pride Month

Pride Month kicks off in celebration of the LGBTQ+ community and now more than ever, corporations want in.

Companies are increasingly eager to appear socially conscious of minority groups who have historically faced discrimination and unfair treatment. For some, this means selling products with rainbow patterns on it, for others it means posting empty statements on social media.

However, GLAAD CEO Sarah Kate Ellis says companies need to do much more in order to be allies of the LGBTQ+ community.

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In preparation of Pride Month, the organization is releasing its Recommendations for Corporate Allies guide to help leaders better support their LGBTQ+ consumers and employees.

“Corporate accountability does not begin and end with employee benefits and hiring practices—it extends to how a corporation spends its dollars, philanthropic and political,” said Ellis. “It extends to how a corporation takes public stands and lobbies against anti-LGBTQ+ legislation, and how it supports and lobbies for pro-LGBTQ+ legislation, because this legislation impacts LGBTQ+ employees and consumers.”

Ellis added that companies played a critical role in accelerating movements such as marriage equality, but as campaigns start up for June, allyship needs to extend even further.

According to the guide, businesses should adopt the following practices to become true allies:

  1. Join the movement by donating to LGBTQ+ nonprofits and other organizations that support the betterment of the community.
  2. Get political by avoiding donating to candidates that oppose LGBTQ+ rights and instead donate to those who support legislation like the Equality Act.
  3. Give a voice by featuring more LGBTQ+ employees and customers for events, marketing campaigns, and more to show the company’s dedication to the community.
  4. Help employees by implementing necessary DEI training to avoid workplace conflict and provide LGBTQ+ employees a safe environment.
  5.  Extend your support all year round, not just during the month of June.
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