How Black Professionals Overcome Their Job Search Challenges

I am fortunate to have Tristan Layfield on the show to talk more about today’s job search and how it is experienced through Black Professionals’ lives. Many of the long-standing challenges for Black professionals are exacerbated by the COVID pandemic and the civil uprising last summer. This is one way to keep the momentum and exposure of equality issues resolved in the new workplace.

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Let me tell you more about Tristan:

He is the founder of, a service helping professionals with resumes, cover letters, career coaching, and the like. He is a LinkedIn Top Voice for 2020 in job search and careers and featured in Black Enterprise and The Muse.

Here are a few of our discussion highlights: 

✊🏾 A large percentage of Black workers are essential workers and at greater risk of exposure.
✊🏾 1 of 5 Black workers can work from home, much lower than other groups
✊🏾 Black people will need to strategize differently when it comes to finding a diverse company.
✊🏾 Understand better at applying effective strategies so it will feel like progress
✊🏾 Developing networks, mentors, boosters, and sponsors can optimize a job search.
✊🏾 Many times Black people are not connected well to corporate connections.
✊🏾 Relationships are essential to creating resources from networking.
✊🏾 We discuss whether or not if it’s worth working for companies that exclude Black or Brown people.
✊🏾 Employers should spend more money recruiting Black by going where Blacks are, such as HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities).
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Originally posted at The Voice Job Seeker