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How Hybrid Models Can Enable The Workers Of Tomorrow

Hybrid work may end up being the workplace term of the year as the majority of employees transition to this combination of at-home and in-office work. 

Navigating this “best-of-both-worlds” scenario has undoubtedly come with its own set of challenges, but for new graduates, it could be the key to success.  

But this can’t be accomplished without the support of managers making the onboarding process seamless. Adjusting to a hybrid workplace is not simple, with this arrangement adding obstacles when it comes to making meaningful connections with colleagues.  

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So how can employers ensure that new employees are getting the training experience they need in a hybrid workplace? 

For starters, new workers should have a designated line manager at the beginning of their employment. This person serves as their go-to for any questions about operations, processes, and can conduct regular check-ins with the new hire. By doing so, new employees can easily receive feedback and establish expectations for their new role.  

To create relationships in a hybrid workplace, employers need to make an effort to connect new hires with current staff members. This can be done through organizing in-person or virtual activities.  

By accommodating those making the transition from student to professional, companies are helping optimize the future workforce and enabling these workers to easily move from one hybrid job to another.

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