How Immigrants Conduct a Successful Canadian Job Search

I get this question quite often: How do I, as an immigrant, find a Canadian Job?

John Ribero and Connel Valentine lead and host the Zero2Hire podcast. They help newcomers to Canada start the perfect life with online on-demand videos that shows you how to convert job applications to job offers. They act as advocates, but, by no means are immigration experts. They want to help guide Canadian immigrants to find jobs they love.

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Here’s more about John Ribero and Connel Valentine:

He is a Career Coach, Certified Leadership Coach, and a Speaker. John is a Career and Job Search Coach.

Here’s more from our conversation: 

🇨🇦 You must apply for immigration first before the job

🇨🇦 Points are necessary to position yourself for a successful immigration

🇨🇦 Connel shares some of the professionals that scores higher to qualify for immigration

🇨🇦 Older workers will find applying for immigration and points more challenging

🇨🇦 Marry your experience and value to increase your chance for immigration

🇨🇦 Communicate what you contribute to your community and how it would add value in Canada

🇨🇦 Canada immigrants find more success for entry through specialization and not generalization

🇨🇦 I ask them both if there is gender bias although it helps if you’re married

🇨🇦 One spouse can leverage one or the other’s most prominent experience

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