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Ever wonder if there is a place for non-conformists and disruptors in a company? Companies that often talk about breaking the mold, disrupting the industry often are not very receptive to the very thought of becoming the risk taker that is needed to change the status quo. How can such people survive in a world that doesn’t like change? How can companies harness these kinds of people to bring the best out of them?

Bonnell and Hansberger, author of Rare Breed has a lot to say about this topic through his book. Let’s dive in.

What’s wrong with what our culture currently tells us is the path to success?

Our culture tries to make us believe that success requires changing who we are to succeed. We’re told to follow the traditional blueprint: take classes, get the degree, and rise up one résumé-building promotion at a time. But this doesn’t work for everyone. In fact, it limits most of us so we never reach our full potential.

How can Rare Breeds stay true to their rebellious natures while also working within a structured team or with more conventional coworkers? 

When author and researcher Francesca Gino surveyed more than one thousand employees in a range of industries, fewer than 10 percent said they worked in companies that regularly encouraged nonconformity. As she wrote in the Harvard Business Review, they “urge employees to check a good chunk of their real selves at the door.” If you’re a rebel, but work in an environment that doesn’t support your rebellious nature, you need to build trust with the people around you.

What needs to change in the workplace for companies to benefit from a Rare Breed mentality? 

The future of business, the arts and activism belongs to the disruptors—the ones who don’t play by the rules but change them. While most organizations now value this, they train leaders to play by all the old rules instead of empowering them to be Rare Breeds.  Our mission as irreverent leadership consultants at Motto and as authors of this book is to change that.

What conversations do you hope this book will inspire around the proverbial watercooler? 

We hope Rare Breed will help people feel more comfortable in their skin, and accepting of themselves and others. People can be so critical of those who don’t fit the mold. More intimately, no matter how much you feel like you don’t fit in, or how broken you might feel at times, the world needs you to be you.

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The post How to create a winning culture in an organization? – Rare Breed appeared first on Work 2.0™.

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