How to Write the Perfect Email Signature

When you’re using email to job search or network, it’s
important to include a professional email signature that has your contact
information. This makes it easy for hiring managers and recruiters to get in
touch with you.

First, make sure that the email account you are using for
your job search is professional. You should have a simple, professional email
such as

The best email signatures go beyond just your name and
contact information by showcasing you and showing off your brand. At a minimum,
an email signature should contain your full name, and your phone number, so
that hiring managers can see, at a glance, how to contact you.

You might also include a statement of your professional
identity, and your full address. Including a link to your LinkedIn profile is a
good way to give the hiring manager more information on your skills and
abilities. You might also link to your Twitter account if you are using it for
job search and/or career-related purposes.

For applicants in creative fields, such as writers or
designers, adding a link to an online portfolio is an excellent idea, or if you
have your own professional website, you can add a link to it.

Don’t get too carried away and be wary of including too many
links in your email signature. Just link to the most important information.
Before you add every possible URL where you appear online, consider where you’d
most like people to click. Don’t included your email address – it’s redundant
and unnecessary.

To add visual interest, try using 1-2 colors, more than two
colors start to clash and become distracting. So, unless you have a
particularly good eye for design, stick with one or two colors.

Simple Email

Jane Doe
Project Manager |
Production Engineer

Simple Email
Signature with Address

Jane Doe
Project Manager | Production Engineer
1234 Street
City, State 12345

Add impact with a

You can add a photo to give you email signature more impact,
personality and memorability. People remember visuals better than text, and
research shows that the most memorable photos are those that contain people.
Psychologists have also found that color images are more memorable than black
and white. Consider putting a face to your name if you want to stand out from
the crowd.

Try “Sent from my

In a recent study, a team of Stanford researchers found that
when emails use correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation, the sender is
perceived to be very credible – regardless of whether they’re writing from
their phone or computer.

However, study participants attributed higher credibility to
the person who wrote a sloppy email signed “Sent from my iPhone.” They were
more forgiving of errors. This doesn’t give you a free pass to write sloppy
incomplete emails, always write the most concise and professional email, but it
may give you a reprieve for any unintentional faux pas.

If the standard “Sent form my iPhone” doesn’t sound right to
you or you use a different mobile device, you can always create your own
sign-off that follows the same general logic.

How to Set Up Your
Email Signature

Each email server has different steps you must take to set
up your email signature. Typically, you can click “Settings” on your email
account and find a tab that tells you how and where to add a signature.

Once you add a signature, this should automatically be added
to all your outgoing messages. This means you do not actually have to write in
the signature every time you send an email – it will automatically be added to
the end of your email.

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