Job Search Trends of 2021

Welcome to The Voice of Job Seekers podcast. This is the ninth year of this show as we’ve reached more than 40 countries over the years. The advice here is universally useful, and we hope you can take away strategies you can use in your job search. I’m happy to have Hannah Morgan and Jack Kelly in this discussion of job search trends you can use in 2021.

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Here are short bios of both guests:

Hannah Morgan is the Career Sherpa, a weekly contributor to U.S. News and World Report, and author of three books. She is a nationally recognized career expert who has been featured in many news outlets.

Jack Kelly is the founder and CEO of and an entrepreneur who runs several other companies. He uses his 25+ years of recruiting experience to help as many as possible with their job search. He is also a Senior Contributor in careers at

Highlights of our discussion:

  • Remote work will have a hybrid of employees’ work-from-home and to come into the office.
  • For employers and recruiters will have a broader pool of talent because of remote work.
  • Rarely will there will be a local or regional job search for many industries. International students graduating from American schools can go back to their country and still find U.S. opportunities (with correct documentation).
  • Salary will differentiate to their local areas.
  • The job seekers who will win in 2021 are the ones who do the research and target companies.
  • Learning what’s comfortable and uncomfortable and to adapt what’s best.
  • Can you ask for a raise in 2021? What are some things you should consider?
  • Stepping up and getting and notice is positioning yourself. Is it appropriate since we’re in a pandemic?
  • What will be effective job search strategies for college students in 2021?

I look forward to bringing you another Resume Trends series with Ashley Watkins in two weeks.


Originally posted at The Voice Job Seeker