Keep in touch with others (whether you work from home or not)

Keep in touch with others (whether you work from home or not)

by Karen Adamedes

Keeping in touch ensures that you stay ‘top of mind’ when you work from home. This is particularly important with time-poor managers and clients who must make decisions in a hurry or when they are under pressure. You want them to think about you! For your career to develop or your client list to grow it’s essential that you are visible.

It’s important to be ‘top of mind’

Being top of mind, or at least remembered, when there are opportunities can be important to being successful in your work. Office-based associates, who may have greater access to people and information, or those who have a higher profile may be thought of first. This is important to consider when you work at home. But it is just as important for those who are working from an office or business.

Staying in contact with colleagues, clients, and your network helps them remember you when it comes to new opportunities. It can also keep you informed about things you need to know to do your job. Staying top of mind will help your achievements be recognized and build your profile and reputation. Both of which will be helpful to the achievement of your business and career objectives.

How it helps

If others know about you, what you do and what you are capable of, there’s more chance that you’ll be on their radar when decisions are being made about resources, promotions, bonuses or new business.

Your reputation is your most valuable career asset. To build it up, you need to remind others (or in fact let them know) that you exist, the good work you are doing and how you would help them.

Tips to build your profile

So how do you step out from behind your excellent work to build your profile and become top of mind?

Some ideas include:

    • being available
    • checking in regularly
    • staying in touch with your manager
    • using video to stay in touch so people can see your smiling face
    • picking up the phone to call
    • taking time to build rapport
    • going to the office (sometimes it it’s safe)

These all provide opportunities to share your achievements, connect with people, and get involved. Most of all they can help you build all-important relationships. These tips will be the topics of future blogs to give you some ideas.

Keep in touch with people and stay top of mind. All from the comfort of your own home!

Enjoy your day (and call someone!)





This tip is based on ‘Keep in Touch…how to stay top of mind‘ from Professional in Pajamas: 101 Tips for Working from Home.

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