Mastering the Job Search Through Networking

Networking is the center of every modern job search strategy. Kenneth Johnson has been teaching this for years in his 20+ years as a recruiter, and founder of East Coast Executives, a diversity recruiting firm. We enjoyed sharing networking strategies and reminding listeners of the benefits of connecting with people.  He has mastered growing his connections to relationships—an example we all can learn from.

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More about Kenneth:

Kenneth drives between New York and Philadelphia quite frequently and has vast experience working and coaching job seekers and recruiting companies. He has recently focused on helping job seekers through Indeed, Google, and the New York Urban League. He also hosts a weekly show on WPPM-FM in Philadelphia that focuses on helping local job seekers.


👉🏾Here are the highlights of our discussion:

👉🏾Each contact has meaning.

👉🏾It’s up to you what they mean to you.

👉🏾Failure to offer value takes away from the relationship.

👉🏾What Kenneth does in networking to offer value.

👉🏾Why connections are NOT JUST followers and what it means to your network.

👉🏾How to make a connection with recruiters a meaningful experience.

👉🏾How to turn a connection into a potential referral.

Look out for three more episodes in the next two weeks. There will be a three-week break and then one show in December.

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