Resume Trends of 2021 with Ashley Watkins

The most downloaded show last year was my conversation with Ashley Watkins. I hope you don’t mind me bringing her back. It’s evident from our conversation (plus I see her LinkedIn content regularly) she knows what is trending upward, and understands what employers want in this remote work environment.

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More about Ashley:

She is a nationally certified résumé writer, job search and interview coach, and former recruiter. She is the founder of her company Write Step Resumes. Her services help clients craft high-quality career documents (résumé and cover letter) and LinkedIn profiles to highlight their unique value offerings and communicate the distinct benefit to the target employer during interviews.

Ashley is a 2019 LinkedIn Top Voice and has been quoted in many publications including The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.


Some of the highlights of our discussion:

  • More people want their résumé to have a modern format
  • Video résumés and coaching on video interview has been on the rise
  • ATS allows for live links now to go to work on the web
  • “Cut the fat, get to the point!”
  • Ashley walks us through the differences between career levels and what employers want to see on a résumé.
  • Knowing the market and understanding who you’re serving is essential.
  • Project management, leadership, collaboration, shift priorities, show proactive abilities are attractive to employers hiring for remote work.
  • Great stories told succinctly –continually document success.
  • No performance review? Then review yourself!
  • Learn to translate unique experiences into stories that resonate with employers.

Originally posted at The Voice Job Seeker