Supervisors Achieve Series : Spring 2021

For any and all on-campus supervisors (staff and faculty!) of student employees. Trainings are available at the times below as well as on-demand. If the pre-scheduled time does not work for you, we can work with you on a time that does. Check out our previous trainings from Fall 2020 and Winter 2021. Share the Student Employees Achieve Series with your student employees and encourage attendance for their professional development!

Monday 4/12 @ 12 pm – 1 pm | Identity Conscious Supervision | Register (please pre-register)

Open to all DU community members who supervise.

The Office of Student Employment is excited to host Craig Elliott and Robert Brown, two of three authors of Identity Conscious Supervision in Student Affairs: Building Relationships and Transforming Systems, to present a conceptual framework for identity-conscious and intersectional supervision. This webinar will give supervisors a strategic approach to engage in self-work, identity exploration, relationship building & trust development. This transformative model addresses day-to-day challenges and helps supervisors become more adept at supervising people from a range of backgrounds and experiences.

Topics during the session will prioritize the following components of the model:

  • Relationship with Self & Others
  • Creating a Strong Sense of Self
  • Fostering Identity Exploration

From this session you will:

  • Increase awareness of the concepts of Identity-Conscious Supervision.
  • Understand the importance of developing a strong sense of self.
  • Learn practical tips to improve your supervision practice.
  • Provide practical tips for supervisors to improve their practice.

Supervisory strategies addressed: DEI, Coaching/Empowering, Communication.

Monday 4/12 @ 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm | Skill-Building Session: Identity Conscious Supervision | Register (please pre-register)

Open to student employee supervisors. Max of 25 attendees so register quick.

A follow-up to the campus-wide webinar, Craig Elliott and Robert Brown will host an interactive hour for student employee supervisors. We will take a deep dive into Relationship with Self & Others, Creating Strong Sense of Self, and Fostering Identity Exploration to practice the practical applications of these concepts. If you register for this session, please plan to attend the Identity Conscious webinar as well.

Supervisory strategies addressed: DEI, Coaching/Empowering, Communication.

Monday 4/20 @ 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm | Providing Feedback & Performance Evaluations | Register via Zoom (please pre-register)

Managing the performance of your student employee with specific attention to development is important. In this session, we’ll present strategies to providing on-going and timely feedback to student employees as well as annual performance evaluations, which map to the 4D student and Career Skills. We will revisit the annual GROW® questions as presented in the Supervising Student Employees training.

By the end of our time together, you will learn:

  • Definitions of performance management, feedback, and performance evaluations and how these map the 4D student and Career Skills.
  • Approaches for preparing for and providing feedback and performance evaluations, as well as strategies and resources for when employee relations issues arise.
  • Strategies to check your feedback and performance evaluations for bias.

Supervisory strategies addressed: Understanding DU/ Department Policy and Procedures, Coaching/ Empowering, Communication.

May 2021 | Navigating Conflict in the Workplace | Register via Zoom

This training is being scheduled with The Conflict Center, a non-profit in here in Denver. Check back soon for more information. 

Conflict happens in all relationships, even in the relationship of a supervisor and student employee. This training will dive into assumptions, motivations and navigating challenging conversations. What stories are we creating that get in the way of productive interactions and conversations? If a roadblock occurs, how can we work through it in a positive way where folks get their needs met? We’ll discuss listening vs. understanding and delivering messages clearly and concisely. What are ways we can ensure that all parties feel heard and understood? How can we be clear from the beginning to avoid miscommunications that may occur later?

In addition, we will explore how unconscious bias works as an element in conflict on an interpersonal level as
well as how unconscious bias becomes ingrained in systems. We will be looking at conflict through the lens of power, privilege, and oppression as well as how identity influences perspective and experiences.

We will cover Cultivating Healthy Communication in a subsequent training. Navigating Conflict in the Workplace and Cultivating Healthy Communication will be open to both supervisors and student employees.

Supervisory strategies addressed: DEI, Coaching/Empowering, Communication, Career Management, Problem Solving.

Originally posted at University of Denver Career Blog