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Tesla Workers Back In The Office Don’t Have Enough Space To Return

Just weeks after telling employees they needed to be back in the office at least 40 hours per week, Elon Musk’s Tesla employees are finding that there is physically no room for them to return. 

Tesla’s factory in Fremont, California has reportedly been unable to accommodate the influx of workers following Musk’s orders after the company conducted a hiring spree and office remodel. 

Overflow parking lots have forced workers to use public transportation, only for them to find no desk space once they actually arrive at the office. As a result, some workers were told to work from home due to the lack of workstations and stable WiFi. 

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Musk’s harsh stance of returning to the office has been criticized by both employees and fellow CEOs, with many believing that remote and hybrid arrangements are an inevitable part of the future of work.  

Without embracing some form of these policies, or even having the room to support strict office-return policies, companies will certainly risk losing top talent. 

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