The Secret in Building a Highly Motivated Team

The Secret in Building a Highly Motivated Team

Building a highly motivated team is not that easy.

And if you’re running a team in a fast-paced environment, this is even harder. You’ll have to consider so many factors to even get close.

But one thing is for sure, no longer does a one size fits all leadership model really work especially if you want your team to be highly motivated.

We can’t treat everyone the same and expect that everything will just “work out” somehow. If you’re a first time manager, check out this post to get more insight.

Managers and leaders must have a framework with which to manage their workers in a way that respects everyone’s unique and specific position on the job.

Empowered leadership is the way to do just that.

Empowered leadership shares the power between management and the front-line employees, thus empowering both groups.

You’ve heard it all before. The manager who doesn’t delegate because of lack of trust and instead of empowering his team, becomes a control-freak.

Unfortunately this is brought about by the lack confidence and the fear that they are going to lose something – credibility, control, respect etc.

When, it does the opposite.

Think about it.

When people rule with an iron hand, they generally instill fear in those who work for them.

Do you do your best work when you are afraid? I don’t know about you but I will attempt to comply because I want to avoid negative consequences, but it certainly won’t be my best work.

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The absolute best a manager can hope for with coercion is compliance. If compliance is enough, then coercion might work.

However, I will gripe and complain and quietly wait for opportunities to get even.

I won’t have a kind thing to say about my employer and at every available chance will seek corroboration for how I feel from my co-workers, thus spreading an “us” versus “them” mentality.

And the best time to start empowering your team is as soon as you become a first-time manager.

Without fear, their minds can be creative and innovative.

When managers are willing to accommodate special requests and it doesn’t interfere with product or service delivery, then their team will be sure to give back their best in return.

Giving away power only increases a manager’s power.

Now, I am not talking about being a total pushover and only advocating for what employees want.

As a manager, you have a two-fold job—you are to represent your employees’ desires, opinions and suggestions to management while at the same time communicating management’s issues, concerns and expectations to your employees.

This is not an easy line to walk.

You will never get the best from your employees if they don’t respect you.

You cannot be a doormat for your employees to walk over. If they believe you have no bottom line or non-negotiables, then they will never be satisfied and always asking for more.

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You will feel used and abused and the truth is, you asked for it.

Don’t fall into this trap.

As a manager, you must hold the bar high.

Set the standards and lead by example. If your workers see you giving it your all, it will be difficult for them to perform below standard.

You must have production goals you are attempting to meet for either products or services.

Always enlist the help of your employees to set the goals, with the underlying premise being continuous improvement.

And as a manager, you have the responsibility to create a need satisfying workplace for yourself and your workers.

You cannot emphasize one to the exclusion of the other without there being undesirable consequences.

When you focus on production only and forget the human capital, you will end up with resentful, resistant, angry team.

On the other hand, when you only focus on the people end and allow production goals to be compromised; you will have a team who do everything they can to take advantage and to get out of doing the work.

After all, if you the manager don’t value production, why should they?

Somewhere in the middle, when you are walking that very fine line between relationships and production goals, you are practicing empowered leadership and that’s where you will get the most from your employees.


Building a highly motivated team starts with you especially when you practice empowered leadership. Empowered leadership brings out the best in your team and increases their level of engagement and sense of purposes. Not only will your team surprise you with results but also amaze you with consistent behavior. Take the time to be more critical of your actions especially as you practice empowered leadership every day.

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