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Three In 10 U.S. Retirees Would Rejoin The Workforce If Inflation Persists

A new survey from American Staffing Association Workforce Monitor shows that U.S. retirees would rejoin the workforce if the pressure of inflation persists.  

According to the survey conducted by The Harris Poll, 25% added that threats to their Social Security would lead them to rejoin the workforce, with 39% stating that this was their main source of income.  

Currently, 14% of respondents said they were actively looking to rejoin the workforce, but just 43% stated that they feel their age could prevent them from doing so. 

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“At a time when more retirees need additional income and employers need their expertise and experience, older workers continue to face hiring barriers,” said Richard Wahlquist, president and chief executive officer at the American Staffing Association.   

However, 41% of retirees said they would be more willing to look for work if they had flexibility. 

“Employers that take steps to embrace flexibility and diversity across their entire workforces will be more productive and have higher levels of employee engagement,” added Wahlquist.

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