Top 5 E-Learning Platform to Watch Out in 2020

The e-learning industry will take the world by storm this year. Many students across the globe have adhered to e-learning swiftly. Therefore, it indicates that they are more comfortable with e-learning rather than classroom learning. Whether it be training or education, e-learning is attracting users at will.

With the advent of new technology, the quality of Learning Management Learning Systems (LMS) is dramatically improving by leaps and bounds. Moreover, the reach and the number of courses are also surging for learners— allowing them to focus on a wide range of skills.

LMS is very simple to use for both learners and teachers including other built-in-features, such as analytics for data monitoring and communications for messaging. Nowadays, AI is playing a pivotal role in e-learning. It assists students to choose their courses according to their skillset level.

Although the advantages and disadvantages of e-learning devices are plenty people are considering it to be a gizmo for their children.


Since its inception in 2010, the popular e-learning platform for students and professional adults has had over 15 million students under its belt and offers over 65,000 courses.

             + Wide range of courses are available

             + Easy to use

The platform offers two plans for the users- Team and Enterprise plans. Before purchasing them, the users can get a sneak peek by clicking into the free trial option. The $240 team plan is packed with the basic features and can be accessed by 5-20 users. Furthermore, the enterprise plan has features such as Single Sign on (SSO) and various APIs.

Organizations and enterprises who opt to use the platform for a longer period of time can switch to Udemy for business account. With that, they can unbolt over 2,500 premium business-related courses curated to hone the additional skills of employees in specific areas.

Some of the courses offered are: web development, programming, digital marketing, mobile development, software testing, digital photography, cartoon drawing, English grammar, Spanish language, and public speaking.

The collaborative learning platform was incorporated in 2005. Since then, it has ranked itself among the top 10 SaaS eLearning solutions. Currently it is used by 1,600 companies including Thomson Reuters and Starbucks.

+ Easily customizable

+ Student interaction is allowed

One of the most striking feature of this platform is its potential to help deliver

Top-level eLearning training programs and boost the desktop and mobile learning environments driving forces which create a culture of lifelong training through social learning.

Docebo offers two plans: growth and enterprise plans. The growth plan caters 300 active users and the enterprise plan is designed for 500 users (suitable for mid and large-sized organisations) respectively. Both the plans have a scalable pricing model. The pricing depends upon the company size and the number of users using it.

In terms of features—users will get beyond the standard expectations. Some of the features are Gamification (a sphere head to increase customer engagement), 14-days free trail, and many more.  Docebo is worth it because of its flexible pricing model, social learning capabilities, e-commerce features, and automated learning management capabilities.


One of the top-notch digital library and LMS providers in India; the inception story of Mintbook is Phenomenal. Currently, the e- learning platform provides e-books, eJournals, Videos, Magazines and Audio books and learning solutions for students, enterprises, universities, etc. The LMS clients of Mintbook are Canara Bank, NAACO, Karnataka State Library, and many more.


+ Good pricing

+ World Class e-library

+ Over 5000 e-books

+ Over 6 lakh e-content


For K-12 school students, Mintbook provides online and offline learning. Students can explore contents of every subjects curated by publishers such as S Chand, Madhuban, and many more. Apart from all these, there are unique experiences such as Simulation labs, Quizzes, Tech Camps, etc.


Parents can purchase the online e-learning packages at Rs.297 for 3 Months, Rs. 499 for 6 months, and Rs. 999 for a year.


MBOX is a lucrative product of Mintbook. It is a small device which can be operated without the internet anywhere anytime, seamlessly. The contents included in MBOX are animated concept videos, text Books, reference Books, competitive Exam Preparations, dictionaries, learning Tools, simulation Labs, language & literature, assessment, digital Library and many more. Currently the cost of the device is Rs 4999.



The American online learning community is for the individuals who are willing to master their learning from videos. Interested individuals who wish to teach can create their online classroom. Currently, there are about 21,000 online classes, focusing on topics such as design, photography, business, technology, film and writing.

+ Classes are challenging

+ focus on niche skills

+ Practical projects

Individuals who will use the platform can connect and share insights with people from various industries – a potentially valuable tool for freelancers and those who are involved in a niche industry. Teams can also use the learning platform. They will get access to reporting tools to monitor the performance of the employees.  Skillshare early plans start at $99 (£75) for single user. Organisations can avail discount if they purchase for large number of employees.



Established more than a decade ago, this e-learning platform has transformed by leaps and bounds. The main aim of the non- profit organisation is to deliver education at zero cost for everyone across the world.


+ Free of cost

+ covers majority of the subjects

+ Flexible learning

+ Over 5000 courses


The learning platform is suitable for students who want to supplement concepts learned in class or find extra problems to work. However, it cannot replace the real classroom experience.  Students can explore the short lectures of their desired subjects on YouTube. English the primary language for the videos but users can watch them in other 36 different language of their choice. The subjects covered in the learing platform are Mathematics, science, computer Programming, history, arts, economics, finance, physics, astronomy, cosmology, etc.




Wrapping up things!

I have picked up the potential top five e-learning platforms which can make an impact this year. If you have enjoyed my postFree Reprint Articles, then feel free to share your opinions and suggestions regarding the topic. Kudos!!!!