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Unprecedented Times Call For Unprecedented Job Titles

Unprecedented times come with the need for unprecedented roles — at least that’s how many companies are attempting to navigate the future of work.   

Now more than ever, uber-specific jobs have emerged to help companies figure out the new dynamics of the modern workplace, including hybrid work models, improved culture, employee experience, and more.   

“The amount of disruption we’ve had has shaken every aspect of business,” said J.T. O’Donnell, a career coach. “What’s exciting is not just the number of new companies, and new ideas, but the number of new types of jobs.”    

For instance, jobs such as Chief Heart Officer or Head of Team Anywhere have become common in an era where prioritizing employee wellness and managing distributed teams is vital to business operations.

But this isn’t the first time new job titles mirrored the sign of the times. In the 1980s, the emergence of new technology led to the creation of Chief Information Officers.   

“People will try a lot of titles,” said O’Donnell. “Some will fail because they’ll be too far out there. But ultimately you’ll see a lot of shifts.”  

With LinkedIn data showing a 304% growth in job titles that are tied to “hybrid work,” this global shift to more flexibility will inevitably require an experienced leader to make the transition seamless. 

The New York Times

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