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Upwork’s New Initiative Connects Displaced Ukrainians With Remote Jobs

Online job marketplace Upwork has teamed up with the Tent Partnership for Refugees in order to help displaced Ukrainians find remote work opportunities.   

“Opportunity Unlimited: Connecting displaced professionals to remote work” connects professionals who have been displaced due to the war with over 250 businesses that are looking to support these refugees. 

The program will help Ukrainian professionals with various job experience and skills find projects and open positions listed on Upwork. 

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In the four months since Russia invaded Ukraine, over 5 million residents have left the country and 8 million have been internally displaced. As a result, Ukraine has also seen massive job losses.  

“As permanent employment may not yet be available for most refugees from Ukraine, freelance work is a lifeline for connecting them to income and leveraging their skills, especially in the IT and digital sectors,” said Gideon Maltz, executive director at the Tent Partnership for Refugees.  

“By actively recruiting talent that has been displaced by the war in Ukraine, companies in the U.S., Europe, and around the world will not only be helping vulnerable people, but also benefiting from displaced professionals’ talent.” 

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