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WeWork And BetterHelp Team Up To Offer One Month Of Free Therapy For Members

Online therapy platform BetterHelp has teamed up with WeWork to offer coworking members a free month of therapy in the U.S. in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month. 

In addition to the free month, both companies will host wellness events across the country that focus on overall health, including meditation, as well as health and nutrition. 

The new partnership seeks to enhance wellness and mental health support for members in a professional setting by matching them to a licensed therapist. 

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Employee wellness has come to the forefront of discussion in recent years, with employers and companies attempting to play a bigger role in ensuring that workers are supported financially, mentally, and physically.   

In fact, a recent survey from the American Psychological Association showed that 79% of respondents were experiencing work-related stress, while 44% reported physical fatigue. 

Without prioritizing workplace wellness, companies are found to suffer from depleted work quality and high turnover rates.  

“Over the past few years, with a mission to improve lives, we’ve seen great success in changing the perception of online therapy from a niche or a trendy solution, to the first choice many people make when considering therapy,” said Kfir Eyal, VP of Sales and Partnership for BetterHelp. “WeWork is a partner that not only influenced a similar change in the coworking industry, but also leads with prioritizing its members’ well being.” 


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