What Changed in Job Search in the Last Few Years

Well, this was a show takeover.
That’s right. For the first time since I published the show, you will not hear my voice. Not even in the intro.
It’s just one episode. It’s not a mistake.
Job Search Secret Weapon has taken over one episode. I’ll forgo the usual jargon for this show only. Let me introduce these women who are fervently at work serving job seekers with high-quality services and content. They will offer solid job search advice while parsing the trends of the times.

Job Search Secret Weapon: 

Virginia Franco is the founder of Virginia Franco Resumes and a five-time award-winning executive resume writer.  She is also the host of her podcast, “Resume Storyteller.” She is also a past president of the National Association of Resume Writers.
Sarah Johnston, the founder of the Briefcase Coach, is helping many job seekers with their resume writing, LinkedIn strategy, job search strategy, and interview preparation. She is a past “LinkedIn Top Voice” for careers and job search.
Adrienne Tom is the founder of Career Impressions: Executive Resume Writing and Job Search Strategies and is a 31x award-winning resume writer and “LinkedIn Top Voice 2020” for careers and job search.

Highlights from their conversation: 

Build on a target list. Doing 20 to 40 hours of market research to set up for success. Think thoroughly about every possibility.
Different is better than better. What can you differently from your competition?
6 of 10 users use LinkedIn for industry insights.
Job search is a muscle you’ll need to work on and strengthen constantly.
Professionals are now changing jobs every two to four years.
Soft skills and transferable jobs are critical right now in changing industries.
Bridge jobs are also used to help transition to your next career change. It helps you stay fresh and meet people.
Consider how you position your story around your bridge job and how you’ll use it to change.
Clubhouse is evolving and useful to meet people.
Customization of your resume is no longer an option. “It’s a must.”
Be ready to address how you did during the pandemic. Show you were resilient and persevered.

Originally posted at The Voice Job Seeker