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What Is Going On With Google’s Unofficial Hiring Freezes?

In July, Google announced that it would pause its hiring efforts for two weeks. However, employees are now reporting that this hiring freeze has been extended. 

Although the initial pause was intended to be temporary, its extension is leaving employees on edge and wondering what could be next for them.  

While the freeze has not been formally announced, one employee said that the situation remains “very fluid,” leaving their future at the company in limbo.  

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The lack of communication about future plans has led anxieties to grow, with employees now wondering if strict performance reviews — and potentially layoffs — are around the corner. As a result, one employee feels that there has been a “real vibe change” across the company. 

Google is not in a hurry to fill in vacant job positions, with some employees hearing that this could mean the company will further cut back on certain positions. While the company hasn’t completely quit hiring new staff, one manager said that they are “not putting any new jobs ads out there.”  

“I have no idea if I’ll be told I can hire someone tomorrow, or what kind of limits might be placed on me in terms of how many people I’ll be able to onboard, or what their salaries might be and whatnot,” the manager stated.  


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