Why Your Data Presentation Solution Needs to Be Fast

We created Juicebox
to serve the citizen data analyst. We empathize with the every-person who is deep in Excel spreadsheets and presentations; data is part of their job–but not the only part.

We want to give these people the chance to create beautiful data visualizations, presented alongside their messages and insights. These information workers shouldn’t have to be trained on a complex analytics tool or require the skill set of a data scientist, designer, or developer.

For this group, speed matters. It needs to be quick to learn and quick to create.

By why does speed matter? Why is it important that you can create an interactive, exploratory data presentation before your coffee is done brewing?

1. Speed of thought

Your “maker tools
” need to keep up with your train of thought, not distract from it. A data presentation tool is a way to express both data, messages, and insights. If you’re more focused on how to express vs. what you want to express, then the tool is getting in the way. Like when I try to play a game on Xbox.


2. Speed of attention

Let’s be honest: we’re all full up when it comes to sharing our attention. It is among the rarest of resources. We needed to deliver a solution that doesn’t require certification to get started. In fact, it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to get going.

3. Speed of business

You’ve got a meeting coming up in 30 minutes and your boss wants to see results from the latest marketing campaign. You need a solution that lets you be nimble enough for the most unreasonable of asks. These are the use cases that traditional dashboards don’t work for, and traditional presentation tools don’t support interactive data storytelling.

4. Speed of trial-and-error

Nothing comes out right the first time. But if it is easy to try-try-again, you can fail fast. Prototyping and rapid iteration is how you refine what you want to say. When we used to hand-craft our analytical applications, I had to warn our clients that our design is going to be wrong. With Juicebox
, we can create a prototype in minutes and start gathering real feedback immediately.


5. Speed of discussion

Have you ever gone into a presentation with a buttoned-down analysis, then left with more questions than answers. Without the ability to interact and explore data on the fly, you’ll end up with more work (and a less happy audience). The speed of answering questions helps avoid the long delays of rescheduling a follow-up meeting.

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