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3 Critical Tasks for Beginner Internet Marketers

Most beginners in internet marketing sign up simply because its an easy way to make money. True, but like any business, you cannot just join up and expect profits to get into your bank account. If it was so easy, we would have millionaires out there, and educational programmes on how to be successful in this trade would not exist.

There are a few important skills that need to be learnt, and tricks of the trade should be built on to ensure continued profitability. By the time your read this article, you would probably have attended a few seminars, either in person or as online videos, perhaps read a few books or articles. Yet despite all this effort, the cash seems evasive.

The huge mistake people make when trying to start their online business (or any business for that matter) is they lack the correct mindset. Read this sentence again!

A business being a hobby will not be profitable. The two activities have different characteristics: a business serves to make money, while you would not mind spending money on a hobby. There is a clash in the direction of money flow if your business is treated as a hobby.

This is perhaps why people find the need to remain as employers; they need constant supervision to ensure work gets done. Business owners need to remain independent, and should be able to function on their own, as well as with team members. Initiative and going the extra mile is helpful too, as any extra profits from effort will be yours.

Once you understand this background vital piece of information, which is the difference between success and failure in internet marketing, you will recognise the logic and simplicity of these 3 critical tasks that must be done by beginner internet marketers.

The 3 critical tasks are as follows:

1. Define your job description. You need to be clear on your purpose of participating in this activity, and what goals you want to achieve. What do you need to get before being able to complete your task effectively?What do you need to do today, tomorrow, the following week, month, and so forth to fulfill your goals? If you are one who is able to work as an employee but lack motivation to do things outside such environments, you will definitely benefit from having a clear image of your job description outlined.

2. Education and self improvement. Investing in ourselves is money well spent. As a marketer, as you increase in value with upskilling, your business will increase in worth as well. Go to seminars, read magazines, attend training programmes, and most importantly, network with those experienced in the field. You pick up tips along the way, and this persistence will pay off. The more beginner a person is, the more crucial this step is.

3. Deadlines and rewards. If you work for someone else, you will have these predetermined for you. As a business owner, you get more choices and options on these. But the choice allows procrastination, which means nothing gets done. Not surprisingly, no input equals no output. It is important to have a fixed deadline with a sense of urgency if you lag behind in your business activities. You might have to pretend you are working for another person. Realise that this is true, you are working for a better tomorrow, so why not set out to complete essential tasks? Once you succeed, reward yourself and the excitement of having a great business will grow. Then it becomes a self fulfilling business prophecy.

To reiterate, unfortunately its not all online software and gimmicks to replace your responsibilities. This wrong way of thinking will result in failure. Having the correct mindset is vital, and completing the above 3 critical tasks will set the foundation to building a great business.

Source by Shane Teo