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Gen Z And Millennials Want Jobs That Make A Difference

Job preferences are varied across professionals, offering insight into what Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X and Baby Boomers value at work. 

A new study from Glassdoor shows that Gen Zers want to be part of meaningful change at their jobs. Using a 5-point scale, the study was able to rank jobs that would provide this generation with the highest satisfaction levels based on employee reviews.   

The top sought-after jobs for each generation included:

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  1. Gen Z: Corporate recruiters 
  2. Millennials: Realtors 
  3. Gen X: CEO 
  4. Baby Boomer: President 

The analysis found that the most fulfilling jobs for Gen were those that were considered “creative, non-technical roles” that had an impact on company culture. 

The report adds that the desire to instill change is so strong among these workers, many are willing to go corporate in order to usher in more progressive work policies.  

On the other hand, older generations highly value jobs that are higher up in the ranks. Positions like CEOs, presidents and other executive-level roles were ranked as the most satisfying among Gen X and Baby Boomers. 

Based on this analysis, it can be determined that young professionals have an innate desire to make meaningful change to modern work practices.  

For these workers, working at a place that eliminates toxicity, embraces inclusivity and provides more opportunity outweighs flashy job titles.


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