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The Proper AI Tools Can Eliminate Workplace Bias

The perks of using artificial intelligence (AI) in the workplace have been touted time and time again. However, one overlooked benefit of this technology is its impact on enhancing diversity, inclusion, and equity (DEI) efforts.  

According to PwC’s 2022 AI Business Survey, 46% of AI leaders are using these tools to make informed workplace decisions that include DEI strategies. 

 “Companies are using AI for recruiting and hiring as well as around retention and engagement,” said Bret Greenstein, partner for data analytics and AI at PwC and report co-author.   

However, Greenstein says that AI isn’t completely taking over hiring processes and DEI assessments, likely due to the cases of inherent bias this technology has projected in the past. 

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While it would seem difficult to integrate biased decision-making into any technology, the humans actually building can greatly impact how these tools operate. 

“There has been a lot of news about the impact of bias in the algorithms looking to identify talent,” said Greenstein. 

For instance, Amazon had to do away with its AI recruiting tool in 2018 after it was discovered to discriminate against women.  

However, if developed and executed correctly, incorporating AI within certain processes of the company can help identify and eliminate potential biases in the workplace.   

This could include notifying leaders when biased language is used, setting goals that are fair for each employee, and keeping workers engaged. 

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